10 Magic Mushroom Facts You Didn’t Know About

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10 Magic Mushroom Facts You Didn’t Know About

~~~What are magic mushrooms?~~~ ~~~How do they affect people?~~~ ~~Why do people use them for recreational purposes?~~~ ~~Are there any side effects?~~~ ~~Is it safe to take them?~~~ ~~Can they cause addiction?~~~ ~~Do they contain hallucinogens?~~~ ~~Does that mean I’m going to trip my pants off?~~~ ~~What are the best places to buy them?~~~

They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore.

It seems like everyone has heard of magic mushrooms at some point in their lives. Whether it was through a friend who took them, an article they read online, or even a TV show, they’ve probably seen something about these little fungi. However, not many people actually understand how they work, why they’re used recreationally, or what the risks are associated with taking them.

The Effects Can Last Hours or Days.

There’s no doubt that magic mushrooms are one of the most popular drugs out there. They’re often referred to as “magic” because of the wide range of effects they produce. These effects can last anywhere from a few minutes to several days. While some users report feeling relaxed and happy after consuming them, others report having vivid hallucinations.

There’s No Need To Be High To Experience Them.

It’s true that magic mushrooms aren’t addictive, but they do cause people to feel different than normal. This is why it’s important to use caution when using these substances. If you plan on taking them, make sure you understand how they work before you consume them.

They May Help People Who Are Addicted To Drugs.

Many people who take magic mushrooms report feeling relaxed and more open minded. These feelings can last up to 12 hours after consumption. In addition, some users report having visions while under the influence of these drugs.

They May Even Treat Depression And Other Mental Illnesses.

There are several different species of magic mushrooms that contain psychoactive compounds. One of them is Psilocybe cubensis, also known as “magic mushrooms.” This mushroom has been used by shamans and other indigenous cultures for centuries. It contains psilocin, an active compound that produces psychedelic effects.


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